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Najbezpieczniejsze. Najoszczędniejsze. Najlepsze w swojej klasie.

Inteligentne systemy wspomagające w Nowym Polo podnoszą komfort jazdy, ułatwiają parkowanie, a także pomagają opanować krytyczne sytuacje lub nawet ich uniknąć. W codziennych sytuacjach docenisz możliwość otwierania auta bez konieczności używania kluczyka oraz wygodne, ergonomiczne fotele.


Mercedes A 200 

Expressive design, cutting-edge drive supporting systems and outstanding engine economy. These are the most impressive features of the new Mercedes A 200, which will fascinate the driver right from the first seconds of ride.


Mercedes GLA 200  

GLA SUV car has a unique design with elegant bodywork styling. You will be fascinated by its driving characteristics, better traction and stability. GLA offers high luggage load capabilities and is an ideal vehicle for family vacation.


Mercedes E 220d 4MATIC 

A limousine with sensual elegance, with no doubt will make a difference among other cars on the road. Stunning on the outside and at most comfortable inside. Add the multitude new technology innovations and make your ride a maximum pleasure.


Mercedes C 200 4MATIC  

A car which represents the essence beauty of Mercedes. A variable line of the bodywork, stylish interior and a package of interactive safety systems make this car unsurpassed in its class.


Mercedes GLC 220d 4MATIC 

Main assets of this new SUV from Mercedes are: massive bodywork with a soft coupe styling, sporty suspension system and spacious interior. In addition to that you get intelligent device system enhancing your safety and drawing all the best out of this car.

Mercedes CLA 220 

A car designed for the admirers of sublime luxury. Thanks to its cutting-edge design, powerful engine and personalised mobile services, this vehicle sets new directions in the automotive industry.


Opel Astra V 1.4 Turbo 

The new Astra is significantly different from its predecessor. The new generation is lighter, more stable and holds the road better. Its new turbo-charged 1400cc engine is responsible for the sensational driving experience. If you need a swift compact car, with spacious interior and dynamic motor, Astra V 1.4 Turbo will easily meet you needs.


FORD GRAND C-MAX 1.5 Ecoboost

A perfect choice for family vacation. Comfy and spatial, with cosy seats and a practical dashboard. The turbo-charged engine will make motorway driving quite satisfying. With no doubt, this car is well fit for XXI century requirements.

Fiat Tipo 1.4

This car is a compromise between a small Fiat 500 and its bigger version, 500 L. It is a spacious compact car, with a modern desing and good soundproof interior. If you are looking for a slim compact car, having no bizarre accessories, the new Fiat Tipo was made just for you. Its simplicity and elegance is magnetizing.

Renault Kadjar 1.5 DCI

Quietly elegant from the outside and its surprising interior make this car combine many advantages. When compared to other SUVs, its spacious trunk, modern multi-media system and soft suspension, the outcome is very good.

Renault Megane 1.2 TCe

A compact size car, holding enough power and hi-tech equipment able to please fans of eco-drive. If you add its dynamic styling with the descending roof line, there is not much left to aks for!

Renault Talisman 1.6TCE

A car which was to replace Laguna, instead starts to rewrite Renault's history. It barely resambles its predecessor. It is flamboyant with elegant styling, giving it lightness and dynamism. However, not only an eye is pleased to come across the car. Its greatest advantages are discovered right at the firts drive.


Choosing what car to rent is an important decision. At Europcar, we assume that together with the car, our customers rent comfort, safety and style. That is way we struggle for our - your - cars to be of the highest standards. The cars we offer are new (average of 6 months old), very well equipped and under 24/7 assistance service.

We offer different car types in 7 categories:

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As a standard, the above categories define groups of cars, for the purpose of simplification and unification of terminology, that could differ worldwide. Thanks to that, you simply choose a category of your preference and you know what type of car you can expect. Because we guarantee the rental of a chosen car category.
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