FAQ - After renting

After renting

  • What could modify the total cost of my rental compared to the initial estimate?

Certain modifications to your Rental Agreement may entail additional charges. For instance:
- a Refuelling Service Charge may apply if you do not return the tank with the same level of fuel as when picked up,
- in the event of damages or theft - in the event of extension of the rental duration,
- if you return the vehicle to a location other than the one originally stated on the Rental Agreement,
- additional kilometres/mileage charges may apply if your rate does not include unlimited mileage,
- after hour charges may apply if you return the vehicle outside opening hours,
- equipment missing.

For any modification to your rental agreement, please contact the station from which you rented the vehicle.

  • Aside from the basic rental price, are there any additional charges?

Additional charges to your basic rental rate may include:
1) Additional Driver charge: when there is more than one driver associated with a rental, the second, or subsequent, driver is referred to as the additional driver. There may be a charge applied for each, or all, additional drivers.
2) Young driver surcharge: applicable to drivers under 25 years of age.
3) Airport surcharge: an additional charge which applies to all Europcar airport locations in Poland.
4) Additional equipment: please refer to the section.
5) After hour service: If you pick up or return your car outside the normal opening hours, "after hours service" will be applied. Please check at reservation time.
6) Refuelling charge.
7) Loss or damage to the rented vehicle: up to the excess amount, if an applicable insurance has been purchased, if not- up to the car value.

  • Do I need to check the condition of the vehicle prior leaving the keys at the counter?

Yes, and if you found a new apparent defect (not listed on the vehicle statement remitted at time of pick up) you have to inform the Europcar employee for a joint examination. Even if no accident occurred the vehicle may have been damaged during the rental and this has to be indicated to the Europcar employee at the return, accompanied by an applicable documentation (e.g. Parking damage, vandalism, windscreen chip, etc.)

  • Can I extend the rental duration?

Extending the rental duration is possible at time of check-out or during the rental itself (according to Europcar acceptance). To do this, you have to contact or come in person to the nearest Europcar rental location .The extension is subject to vehicle availability and extra payment. A complementary authorisation may be requested on your credit card.
CAUTION : Do remember that you are only covered for the period mentioned on your printed rental agreement.

  • Fines: Parking Tickets, Traffic Violations

Parking tickets and any traffic violations are the responsibility of the renter who must pay them before returning the vehicle. Congestion charges or fines received by Europcar after the rental will be charged directly to the renter, including a surcharge for late payment, if any.

  • Do I need to return the car with a full tank?

Unless otherwise stated on the rental agreement, vehicles are supplied with - and must be returned with - a full tank of fuel. Your rental agreement does not include refuelling charge, however, to the customers' convenience, we offer a refuelling service:
1) No additional fuel cost: return the vehicle with the same fuel amount as at the pick-up time.

2) Refuelling service charge: If the rental is returned with less fuel than when picked-up, a refuelling service charge will apply for the missing fuel at the end of the rental. Please note that the missing fuel will be charged at a higher cost than in service stations.

  • What methods of payment are accepted by Europcar?

Credit Cards: Europcar accepts major credit cards: American Express, Diners Club, Mastercard, Visa. Credit cards are accepted to the limits authorised by the credit card company.
Debit cards are NOT accepted at time of reservation or rental by Europcar. Europcar charge cards and Full Credit vouchers are accepted throughout the Europcar network; on their own, they permit the rental of most vehicle categories. Europcar prepaid vouchers (with a specified value or the mention Group Days Apply) are accepted as means of payment of the rental charges, but they must be accompanied by a credit card for the charges which have not been prepaid (extras, refuelling charge, excess due in case of damage to or loss of the rented vehicle).

  • Can I return the vehicle outside the location opening hours?

Yes, you may return your vehicle when the Europcar location is closed, but please check return facilities when picking up the car. That is to say, please ask if a key return box is available at the check-in station.
CAUTION: The vehicle will remain your responsibility until it has been checked by a Europcar representative.

  • What happens if I return the car late?

In most cases, Europcar rates are daily rates where a day is considered as 24 hours, counted from the time the rental starts. If you return the car late, your rate will be recalculated, adding an extra day for each additional 24 hours you have kept the car. Each 24 hour period started counts as a whole rental day. In fact Europcar offers you 30 minutes grace period after the 24 hours are up, just to give you a bit more time. So a rental of 24 hours and 30 minutes still counts as a one day rental.
IMPORTANT: Remember that your insurances only cover you for the period mentioned on the Rental Agreement you made when you picked up the car. So if you decide to return the car later than first planned, please drop into the rental station (or call) to amend the Rental Agreement.

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