Acriss Codes

The ACRISS codes are the vehicle category codes and are established to help provide common standards for use when booking car rental services through automated booking systems. These codes are also called SIPP CODES as defined by the ACRISS.

Europcar vehicles may be booked by category only. Unless availability of a specific model has been formally confirmed, Europcar only guarantees the category reserved. Not all car groups and models may be available at all Europcar locations.

M MiniB 2-3 DoorM Manual Unspecified DriveR Unspecified Fuel/Power With Air
N Mini EliteC 2/4 DoorN Manual 4WDN Unspecified Fuel/Power Without Air
E EconomyD 4-5 DoorC Manual AWDD Diesel Air
H Economy EliteW Wagon/EstateA Auto Unspecified DriveQ Diesel No Air
C CompactV Passenger VanB Auto 4WDH Hybrid Air
D Compact EliteL LimousineD Auto AWDI Hybrid No Air
I IntermediateS Sport E Electric Air
J Intermediate EliteT Convertible C Electric No Air
S StandardF SUV L LPG/Compressed Gas Air
R Standard EliteJ Open Air Terrain S LPG/Compressed Gas No Air
F FullsizeX Special A Hydrogen Air
G Fullsize EliteP Pick up Regular Cab B Hydrogen No Air
P PremiumQ Pick up Extended Cab M Multi Fuel/Power Air
U Premium EliteZ Special Offer Car F Multi Fuel/Power No Air
L LuxuryE Coupe V Petrol Air
W Luxury EliteM Monospace Z Petrol No Air
O OversizeR Recreational Vehicle U Ethanol Air
X SpecialH Motor Home X Ethanol No Air
 Y 2 Wheel Vehicle  
 N Road ster  
 G Crossover  
 K Commercial Van/Truck  

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