FAQ - Before renting

Before renting

  • Can I take out additional covers or protections?

Additional and extended covers may be purchased at the counter at start of rental.

  • Do I need to check the condition of the vehicle prior leaving the location?

Yes, you have to check that the document „Vehicle Condition Form” reflects the actual vehicle condition. If an apparent defect is not listed, please proceed to a joint examination of the vehicle with the Europcar employee, in order to update the rental agreement.

  • How can I locate the nearest Europcar rental location?

Click here to check our worldwide Europcar location details and maps.

  • Will there be a deposit taken with my credit card when I pick up the car?

We need to estimate the car rental charges and obtain an authorisation number from your bank. The estimate is based upon:

- expected length of rental,
- applicable rate including tax,
- incidental charges such as gasoline, etc.

This amount is not debited. It is held on cardholder’s bank account until the final rental charge amount is debited.

  • What documents do I need to present at the Europcar counter when I pick up my car?

You will need to present to our customer representative:

1) your normal driving licence, issued by your country of residence and held for a minimum period of one or two years, depending on the rented car category. It will be requested at every rental. In addition to your normal Driving Licence, your International Driving Licence is also mandatory for all non European customers. Note that your International Driving Licence is valid only if accompanied by your normal Driving Licence. Driving Licences must be valid in the country of rental.

2) your identification document such as your passport (or your national identity card), issued in your country of residence.

3) your valid credit card (with embossed digits) with an expiry date after the due check-in date or a valid Europcar charge card. If you use a Europcar prepaid voucher as means of payment (with a specified value or the mention 'Group & Days apply'), you must also present a credit card for those charges which have not been prepaid (such as extras, refuelling charge, excess due in the event of damage to or loss of the rented vehicle). We do not accept debit or charge cards,

NOTE: Points 1) and 2) are applicable to all additional drivers, if any.

  • My driving licence has been stolen; can I present a theft declaration instead?

No, a theft declaration is not a legal document authorizing you to drive a car. Driving a car having only a theft declaration is an infringement from art 95 Infringement Code.

  • Is there a minimum/maximum age for renting a vehicle with Europcar in Poland?

You must be at least 21 or 25, depending on the rented car category (see details). A Young Driver Surcharge of 8 EUR daily net, maximum 120 EUR net per rental, will be applied if the driver is under 25. There is no maximum age limit.

  • If I have forgotten my driving licence, can I nevertheless take the vehicle?

No. The driving licence is mandatory for renting a vehicle.

  • What is a Rental Agreement?

The rental agreement is the formal contract, signed by Europcar and the Customer (Renter) at the time of check-out, which shows the terms of the rental, the vehicle statement and the rate applied.

  • Can the station agent explain the vehicle's controls to me?

When picking up your rented vehicle, feel free to ask the station agent to explain to you its main controls.

Call our reservations team: +48 222 555 600 email:

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